Seriously good 100% soy candles. 

The ultimate Christmas scented candle. 

Although we may never know for sure, some historians believe the reference to gold may have actually been turmeric, and not gold, as in the metal. Tumeric has had many various other names, and is often called the 'golden spice' among many other names associated with it's golden color. Having been used for at least 4,000 years for its health and medicinal uses, tumeric actually cost more than gold during the time of Jesus' birth.

This heavenly blend of the warm, fresh, spicy & somewhat woody scent of tumeric with the aromatic and earthy scent of frankincense and the warm, sweet, earthy scent of myrrh will remind you of the true meaning of Christmas. 

 All of our soy candles are handmade with the finest quality candle fragrance oils and essential oils and hand-poured with much love for you to enjoy anytime.

This candle has an approx burn time of 20+ hours

When the top or sides of the wax has a crystalline, white-ish colour coating, we refer to this as frosting or blooming. Frosting is a natural characteristic of soy & it is one way that a customer can tell if their candle is really made with pure, all-natural soy wax. Frosting does not affect the scent throw or the burning properties of the candle – it is just a particular crystal growth that can form on the top and sides of the candle.

Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh Soy Candle