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Handmade wax candle lantern personalised with your friends. The friendship tree makes a beautiful keepsake of friendships. 

The verse on the back reads: 'We may not always be with each other, but we will always be there for each other'.

As they are lit from the inside using a tealight (there is no wick) they keep forever, hence the name 'forever candles'.

After putting your order through a pdf of the design will be emailed to you to check over any spelling or placement of names. You have the option of changing the arrangement of names or adding to it at this stage. Once you're happy with the design we'll go ahead. Please allow at least a week for the design, making and gift wrapping and delivery of your lantern. This is a handmade item and there is a drying process after the design is put on and after lacquering. 

These lanterns are 10 cm wide by approximately 15 cm high.

The Friendship Tree Candle Lantern

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