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Seriously good 100% soy wax melts. Our peace melts are a wonderful combination of patchouli and rose. Patchouli scent has a very relaxing and soothing effect, helping to harmonise body and mind. Patchouli scent is strong, slightly sweet and intoxicating. Rose scent is thought to be relaxing and restorative because it encourages us to breathe deeply and slowly. It is a feel good scent and can uplift our mood, easing anxiety and depression and encouraging harmony.

All of our soy wax melts are made with the finest quality candle fragrance oils and essential oils and hand-poured with much love for you to enjoy anytime.

Just pop one onto an oil burner/wax melter, light your tealight and enjoy the wonderful scent released. If you prefer a stronger scent just pop another one on top.

Wax Melts-Peace

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