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Wish Pearls

Our ever popular wish pearls or love pearls are beautifully gift packaged and contain a real cultured pearl of about 5 - 8 mm in size. Each pack comes with it's own shell which has to be opened to reveal the pearl inside. There is a choice of five coloured pearls but the person receiving the gift doesn't know what colour they've received until they open it. The five colours and meanings are: White - Health, Cream - Happiness, Peach - Love, Lavender - Wisdom and Gold - Wealth.

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Wish Pearls-instruction 3
Wish Pearls-instruction 4

Make a wish and open the sealed can. Carefully cut open the shell and take out the pearl. Remove the pendant from the chain. Place the pearl inside the pendant and put the chain back on. Each pearl comes with a silver plated chain and pendant. 

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