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Amethyst Cathedrals

An Amethyst cathedral, otherwise known as an Amethyst church, is a geode that is typically tall and thin and shaped like the arch of a cathedral.

Amethyst is a type of quartz that contains a few parts per million of iron, providing its incredible purple colour. While amethyst geodes are found in Mexico, Uruguay, and even the United States, most of the amethyst geodes and amethyst cathedrals that are the most attractive and contain the deepest purple colour comes from Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

Amethyst cathedrals are partially man-made. However, the beautiful crystal part of the geode forms naturally over many thousands or millions of years before it is even touched by people.

These amethyst cathedrals are a  stunning deep rich purple crystal. Excellent for clearing negative energy and energizing a room, Amethyst is also believed to relieve headaches, release tension and enhance a restful sleep.

This piece is an amazing specimen, perfect for any size of the room, or a very special gift. An ideal addition to any healing or meditative space.


Please Note: This product is a one-off piece. The picture shows the exact product you will receive.

These cathedrals are for collection only.

Amethyst Cathedral 21.5cm x 45cm_24.17kg.webp

This cathedral is 45cm high x 21.5cm wide and weighs 24.17kg


Amethyst Cathedral 27cm W x 65cm H_50.06kg.webp

This cathedral is 65cm high x 27cm wide and weighs 50.06kg


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