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Remembrance Candle Lanterns

Our remembrance candle lanterns make beautifully comforting tributes to family, friends or fur babies that have passed on. The lanterns can be personalised with a photo of your loved one and a poem, prayer, song lyrics or a personal message of your own choosing. You can select a background from our booklet below or supply a photo which can be used as a background.

These candles come in two sizes; our smaller one is approx. 9cm high x 10cm wide while the larger one is approx. 15cm high x 10cm wide.

Both sizes come in white or ivory.

These candles are hollow inside, there is no wick. They are illuminated from inside using a tea light which comes supplied with a glass tea light holder. You can also use battery operated lights instead of a tea light. I find the battery operated fairy lights in a warm white colour the closest to candle light. Because they are lit from inside they never burn down, hence the name 'forever candles'. Each candle comes with an instructional leaflet. All designs are saved on file so can be used for repeat orders if needed.

Please allow a minimum of 7 days for all personalised/made to order lanterns. Delivery times can vary at peak times and or weather conditions.

Remembrance Booklet

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