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Card Readings

We are delighted to announce that the well known author and card reader Aidan Storey comes regularly to do readings in our shop in Castletown, Gorey.

Aidan adopts a powerful but compassionate approach in his work and using his Psychic gifts, his expertise as an Angel Therapist and a Spiritual Healer, helps people to understand their own spiritual identity. Through his unique synergy with the Angels and Spirit Guides, he uncovers the real problems that prevent people taking their journey to enlightenment and fulfilment.
Aidan, as a healer, sets out to find the root cause of an issue. He moves through each problem layer by layer, taking it apart until he reaches the core issue. Once the real problem is identified, the Angels allow him to guide his client towards healing. Aidan provides not only a set of answers but also the information to progress along a spiritual Path that will work for you.
Aidan has become established as one of the leading Psychics, Angel Therapists® and Angel Readers (including Angel Cards) in Ireland. His reputation as a gifted Spiritual Healer is also recognised in the United Kingdom, Europe and the USA.
Aidan's book, Angels of Divine Light, reached the best-seller list in Ireland.

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