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Who doesn't love the sweet honey smell of a beeswax candle.

A beautifully hand rolled beeswax chakra candle with an approx burn time of 20 hours.

The 7 Chakras are the energy centres in our body in which energy flows through. The word 'chakra' is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning 'wheel'. Literally translated from the Hindi it means 'Wheel of spinning Energy'. A chakra is like a whirling, vortex like, powerhouse of energy. Sometimes chakras become blocked because of stress, emotional or physical problems. If the body’s ‘energy system’ cannot flow freely it is likely that physical problems will manifest.

You can light a Chakra candle when you want to align & strengthen your chakras. Imagining a chakra’s colour can release stagnant or blocked energy in that area because each colour has a specific frequency which matches the frequency of the chakra. The scents in each candle also match the quality of that chakra.

Did you know that beeswax gives off negative ions when burning similar to the Himalyan Salt Lamps which are scientifically proven to have a calming and de-stressing effect on the body.

100% Beeswax Chakra Candle

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