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Archangel Chamuel is the angel of Adoration &Courage. His name means “He who seeks “God”. He is an angel of peace & divine justice. He guards the innocent & gives us strength to overcome. He is the patron of surgeons, air traffic controllers, hair dressers, animal conservationists & peace keeping missions. This beautifully presented gift hamper incorporating the scents, colours and crystals associated with Archangel Chamuel contains the following items: handmade rose neroli scented soy candle (approx burn time: 17 + hours),  a carnelian crystal in a silver plated keyring and a rough carnelian crystal. Crystal & Archangel information cards.

Carnelian boosts self-confidence & true expression, balances the body’s energy levels and attracts prosperity & protects.

Archangel Chamuel Candle & Crystal Gift Set

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