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Archangel Michael, whose name means “Who is like God” is the leader of the archangels. Michael oversees the weather, agriculture (crops) & the entire natural world. Call on Michael for protection, releasing fear, doubt & negativity and for strength & illumination. He is also called upon for prosperity & abundance.

This beautifully presented gift hamper incorporating the scents, colours and crystals associated with Archangel Michael contains the following items: handmade lavender and sage scented candle (approx burn time 17 hours), a clear quartz crystal point and a white sage and lavender smudge stick.

Clear quartz is the most versatile healing stone among all crystals. It is the most powerful crystal able to work on any condition. Since Clear Quartz absorbs energies very easily, it is important to cleanse them on a regular basis. Your smudge stick can be used to cleanse any crystal. For more information on smudging visit our website page.

Archangel Michael Gift Set

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