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Burning white sage was used by the native American Indians to purify a space before a ceremony and is considered a spiritual practice that removes negative energies. Sage, as a herb, is antimicrobial, boosts memory and mental clarity, and can improve air quality, according to science. Over the years, sage has been used more commonly and is said to get rid of negative energy, restore harmony, and connect us to a spiritual plane. In other words, doing so could make you feel more balance. Scientific research has shown that burning herbs or medicinal smoke can purify the air and [eliminate] up to 94 percent of harmful bacteria for up to 24 hours. Sage belongs to the Salvia plant family, whose name derives from the Latin word salvere, which means “to heal.” Because of the ritualistic nature of burning sage, it helps people to achieve a sense of calm and clear-headedness as would meditation.

How to smudge:

  • Light the tip of your smudge stick and let it flame up for a few seconds
  • Blow out the flame as it is the smoke you use to smudge
  • Carry a flameproof plate or dish to catch any loose embers 
  • You may need to re-light your stick  a few times, this is normal
  • Gently move your stick around each room, getting the smoke into the corners, mirrors, entrances
  • You could say a prayer or set your intention for peace or clearing negativity
  • When finished dab out the lighted end on a flameproof plate or dish to extinguish the flame
  • You can use the smudge stick again when needed
  • Your home will smell beautifully clean and feel 'lighter'

Californian White Sage Smudge Stick 4 inch

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