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A handmade lava bead, bloodstone and aquamarine birthstone bracelet for Pisces (February 20th - March 20th).

Bloodstone is grounding and protecting. It is known as the anti-bullying stone because it gives the wearer the courage to speak out when needed. It can also help deflect geopathic or electromagnetic stress. Assists in acting in the present moment. Bloodstone calms and revitalises the mind, clears confusion and enhances decision-making. Assists in adjusting to unaccustomed circumstances. Reduces irritability, aggressiveness and impatience.

Key words for bloodstone: courage, strength, communication

Aquamarine is a stone of courage.  Its calming energies reduce stress and quiet the mind.  Aquamarine has an affinity with sensitive people.  It can help in the tolerance of others and overcomes judgmentalism, giving support to those overwhelmed by responsibility. Promotes self-expression. Soothes fears and increases sensitivity. Sharpens intuition and opens clairvoyance. Shields the aura and aligns the chakras.

Keywords for aquamarine: calm, inner peace, communication

Lava beads are grounding and promote strength and courage. They are calming and help to dispel anger. Lava beads are natural diffusers, put a few drops of your favourite essential oils onto a tissue and rub gently over the beads and enjoy.

Children's Birthstone Bracelets-Pisces

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