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Cable and Cotton is a very simple product and at its core is colour. Sure, we sell LED fairy lights but the magic is in the colour. The beauty of our fairy lights is that you can choose from a wide range of colours to customise your own unique colour combination.
Each handmade ball of colour is beautiful – it might be due to the texture of the ball, the way it’s round but not quite perfectly round, the way light filters through so gently or the way they look so good turned off in the daytime, when the colour is most vivid.
We aren’t certain what’s so special but what we do know is that colour is the most important part of our product and we hope you love the simple and creative process of choosing your favourite colours as much as we do!
Whether you want to cosy up on a dark winter’s night or create a buzz for a summer’s party – doors open, warm breeze wafting in, drinks on ice (you get the picture) then Cable & Cotton’s LED Fairy Lights will set the mood.
What’s more, our lights are EU & UL safety certified to ensure your peace of mind.
Our fairy lights are hand-made with care by skilled craftswomen in Thailand, and in buying our decorative lights you are helping to support an entire community of women in a remote southern region of the country.
All our workers have an insurance policy set up for them to provide income if they are unable to work for any reason.

These lights have a usb connection and can be used with any usb port or a usb plug.
This light string measures 20 ft in total, 5 ft from the last bulb to the USB connection.


Cotton Ball LED Fairy Lights - 50 String

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