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A gift set containing a solar plexus chakra soy candle. A selenite bowl, a citrine point crystal and a white sage with chakra flowers smudge stick.

Located just above the crown of the head it's the seventh and final chakra in the primary chakra system. Spirituality is the key force of this chakra. Many believe that the crown chakra is the point where our earthly self merges with our higher self. It functions as a gateway for deepening our connection to faith, divine wisdom, and spiritual enlightenment. When properly aligned, this chakra allows us to see with greater clarity and perspective.

You can light a Chakra candle when you want to align & strengthen your chakras. The colour & fragrance blend combines colour therapy with aromatherapy, which can enhance energy healing sessions & meditations. Imagining a chakra’s colour can release stagnant or blocked energy in that area because each colour has a specific frequency which matches the frequency of the chakra. The scents in each candle also match the quality of that chakra.


Crystals carry healing properties & spiritual energies that connect to each chakra uniquely. They hold vibrational energy that can transfer to the correlating chakra & provide healing powers for the body, mind, & soul.

The crystals can be used in meditation, placing them on the correlating chakra. They can be placed around the home to fill the space with balancing energy. You can wear them as jewellery or carry them with you as needed.

Crown Chakra Healing Gift Set

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