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Flidais is the Celtic goddess of the hunt and woodlands. Flidais, unlike other goddesses of the hunt, protects the woodlands and forests. She cares for all the creatures in the forest. She calls the creatures of the forests and woodlands her cattle. She nurtures the forest.

Flidais’ life was quite bland and boring when she was young. She didn’t really love her husband, but back then love wasn’t very common in marriages because of arranged marriage. She lived her life how she was told to, and was very ordinary. Until a day came where ordinary was gone forever. A man, named Fergus Mac Roich, came to woo Flidais. Ailill was outraged. Of course to defend his honor, the king started a war against the land Fergus was from. The king did everything he knew to stop Fergus, but it wasn’t enough. Fergus offered Flidais magic cattle, made up of both deer and cows; in return Flidais gave him her love. The cattle weren’t just a gift, it was a belief and trust that she could do something. The cattle gave her a life of her own. In return for what he had done for her Flidais also gave Fergus passion. In bed and in love no couple could come close to their passion.

Flidais always felt like she was stuck in a rut when she was living with Ailill. She never had anything to do. With Fergus everything changed. All Flidais needed was a little affection, love and freedom. Fergus provided her with what she needed. Fergus allowed Flidais to blossom into the beautiful woodland goddess that she is.

As a goddess who once needed help she understands that everyone, every now and then, needs that little bit extra. A little guidance or someone to believe in you can sometimes be all you need. Some Aventurine or Dioptase can help her to be closer to you, and for you to honor her. This goddess, as a nurturer, as a motherly type figure or just as someone who cares, can help you get that extra push and guidance you need.

Flidhais Celtic Goddess of the Forest Figurine 24cm

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