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The Flower of Life symbol can be found in almost all major religions in the entire world. It is said to be over 6,000 years old and is composed of several concentric, equal, overlapping circles. It is said to contain vital information on the secrets of the universe and all living things. It is believed that there is a secret symbol embedded within the Flower of Life. This symbol is said to hold the most important and most sacred patterns of the universe and is the harbinger of all life and existence—from molecules and atoms to planets and galaxies. As a symbol used in jewellery and fashion, it’s a reminder of our connection to the world around us and to each other.

The flower of life with its 19 circles is a strong vibration symbol, which creates an absolutely harmonious, vibrating field. This symbol has always been spread all over the world and creates perfect order in itself. The flower of life helps us to remember who we really are, is able to dissolve our blockages and release life energy accordingly.

Dimensions: H16cm x W16cm x D4cm

Flower of Life Windchime

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