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Goloka Incense is hand rolled in the Indian Incense Capital; Bangalore. As traditionally made incense it contains only the finest organic ingredients and no animal products, even the packaging is 100% recycled.
The Fifth Ray is the Archangel Raphael and his army of healing angels serve in the green ray. Healing Raphael works with us to balance health and emotions, offer spiritual support during convalescence, harmonise our body and purify us at all levels. Ask the Archangel for the healing of your body, mind, soul and spirit. This incense is infused with pine.
Simply light the Incense Stick and wait until the end glows. Blow out the flame and place the Incense Stick in the Incense holder / burner. The wonderful scent of Goloka incense will fill your home.
Size: 8 inches in length.
Burning Time: 40-45 minutes approx.
Weights: 15gm 12 Incense in a packet.

Goloka Archangel Raphael Incense Sticks

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