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A handmade lava bead and Prehnite gemstone bracelet. This bracelet is handmade with elastic beading and fits most wrists.

Prehnite helps to bring calm & joy into your daily life. It helps to release self-doubt & increase confidence. It can help you to connect with the heart encouraging you to remain true to yourself. It is considered a stone of unconditional love & the crystal to heal the healer.

Lava beads are grounding and promote strength & courage. They are calming & help to dispel anger. Lava beads are natural diffusers, put a few drops of your favourite essential oils onto a tissue & rub gently over the beads and enjoy.

Zodiac sign: Libra (Sept 23-Oct 22)

Chakra: Solar Plexus & Heart.

Diffuser Lava Bead Bracelet with Prehnite

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