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A handmade lava bead and Sunstone gemstone bracelet. This bracelet is handmade with elastic beading and fits most wrists.

Sunstone is known as the joyful stone, carrying the energy of the sun, promoting happiness & positive energy. It is a stone of abundance, inviting prosperity & protection, helping with fears & doubts. It helps self-empowerment & independence

Lava beads are grounding and promote strength & courage. They are calming & help to dispel anger. Lava beads are natural diffusers, put a few drops of your favourite essential oils onto a tissue & rub gently over the beads and enjoy.

Zodiac sign: Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19),

Virgo (Aug 22-Sept 23)

Chakra: Sacral & Solar Plexus

Diffuser Lava Bead Bracelet with Sunstone

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