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Welcome to our world of enchantment and positive energy with this Multi Gemstone Tree. This enchanting gemstone tree features a remarkable collection of 80 natural stones, carefully arranged to create a mesmerising spectacle of colour and energy.

With a delightful variety of multi-coloured gemstones, this gemstone tree is a true testament to nature's breathtaking palette.  

What sets this gemstone tree apart is its magnificent orgonite pyramid base filled with the same natural crystals as the tree, allowing for a seamless integration of energies. Orgonite is renowned for its ability to balance and enhance energy flow, making it the perfect complement to the gemstone tree.

Immerse yourself in the captivating energy of these carefully selected stones, and let their harmonising vibrations fill your surroundings with tranquillity and positivity.

Multi Gemstone Tree with Orgonite Base-80 Stones

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