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For all those sensitive little ones who have trouble sleeping. A beautiful crystals and dreamcatcher gift set.This beautifully presented children's gift hamper contains the following items: a 6 cm Yellow dreamcatcher, a citrine crystal point and a small citrine crystal, dreamcatcher and crystal information cards. The information cards contain the following information:

Citrine: Helps us to let go of fears and feel better about things so we can have good dreams.

Place your crystal beside you as you sleep or under your pillow.

Dreamcatcher: Your dreamcatcher should be hung above your bed. It catches all the bad dreams so you have a good night dreaming only good dreams. The bad dreams get caught in the web so only good dreams slide down the feathers to you while you sleep. In the morning all the bad dreams caught in the web disappear and your dreamcatcher is good to go again. This is its magic.

Caring For your crystals

When you first get your crystals you need to wash them. The easiest way to do this is to rinse them in cold running water, then pat them dry. Your crystals are now ready to use. It’s best not to let anyone else touch or hold your crystals. During the full moon let the moonlight shine onto your crystals, (you could leave them on a window ledge) this makes them stronger. You can carry your crystals with you, put them under your pillow. There is no wrong way to use them.

My Goodnight Crystals & Dreamcatcher Gift Set

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