Nag Champa is a fragrance of Indian origin, based on a combination of frangipani (plumeria) and sandalwood. The name is derived from the champa flower and it is quite popular the world over. Nag Champa blends several rich scents including sandalwood and halmaddi, a product native to the Indian subcontinent. The combination of scents gives the area where Nag Champa is burned a scent instantly recognizable to incense fans.

Sandalwood, one of the principle ingredients in Nag Champa, offers many aromatherapy benefits. It creates a calming effect, dispelling stress and thus opening access to deeper meditative states. 

Nag Champa is probably the world's best selling incense. Approx 15 sticks per pack.


Nag Champa Incense Sticks 15 g

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