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Our beautiful wax Christening lanterns come in white or pink for girls with pink writing and are 10 cm wide by 9 cm high. Because our lanterns are lit from the inside (there is no wick) they last forever, hence the name 'forever candles'.

The verse on the front reads:

A little light to welcome your new daughter.

Every child begins the world again
Henry David Thoreau


Poem on the back reads:

A candle, a candle
To light me to bed;
A pillow, a pillow
To tuck up my head.
The moon is as sleepy as sleepy can be,
The stars are all pointing their fingers at me,
And Missus Hop-Robin, way up in her nest,
Is rocking her tired little babies to rest.
So give me a blanket
To tuck up my toes,
And a little soft pillow
To snuggle my nose.

Generic New Birth Candle Lantern Girl

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