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Our beautiful handcrafted wax St. Michael The Archangel candle lantern. As they are lit from the inside using a tealight (there is no wick) they keep forever, hence the name 'forever candles'. You can also use battery operated fairy lights or tealights in the lanterns.

These lanterns are 10 cm wide by approximately 15 cm high.


Prayer on the back reads:

Prayer of Thy Healing Angels

That is carried from God by Michael Thy Arc                                              

Pour out Thy Healing Angels,

Thy Heavenly Host upon me

And upon those that I love.

Let me feel the beam of Thy Healing Angels upon me,

The light of Your Healing Hand.

I will let Thy Healing begin

Whatever way God grants it…Amen

Lorna Byrne

Saint Michael The Archangel Candle Lantern

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