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This candle has a detail from St. Brigid's Healing Blanket, which has always been revered for its healing abilities down throughout the ages. Channelled and created by Marguerite Brady, Spiritual healer and teacher. As they are lit from the inside using a tealight (there is no wick) they keep forever, hence the name 'forever candles'.

These lanterns are 10 cm wide by approximately 15 cm high.

These candles are available with or without the prayer on the back.

Prayer on the back reads:

O Blessed Saint Brigid

O Blessed Saint Brigid, be our friend

Stay with us till the very end.

Mind us, love us and keep us safe,

Fill our souls with Gods tender loving Grace.

Wrap us in your healing cloak,

Surround us with the strength of Oak.

Cleanse us in your holy wells,

Bless our lives so the truth we tell.

Heal us with Christ’s Holy Cross

Make us thirsty for the love of God.

Create in us a faith so strong,

To bless all those who come along.

Grant us the peace that fills your souls,

Mend us Brigid until we are whole.

Teach us be just like you,

Kind and caring and generous too

Take our hands and show us the way,

Let us shine our light with Jesus come what may.


Composed by Marguerite Brady 2018©


Saint Brigid Candle Lantern

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